The Prime Minister opened the Fiji-Queensland Trade and Investment Symposium this afternoon in Brisbane. In opening today’s event, the PM highlighted the potential areas of investment and trade that can be developed or strengthened between Fiji and the State of Queensland.

“Along with building our resilience to climate change, the expansion of Fiji’s trade with the rest of the world is among my government’s top priorities. So I’m delighted to be spearheading the first dedicated trade and investment mission to one of the most dynamic economies in our region – the state of Queensland.”

“As you’ve heard, a key objective of today’s symposium is to highlight the significant untapped potential that exists in the Fiji-Queensland relationship. And areas in which we can work together and provide tailor-made investment solutions to benefit both our economies. We see particular opportunities in the areas of ICT, mining and agriculture, along with other productive sectors of our respective economies. So I have brought with me a high-level team of Fijian ministers, permanent secretaries and other senior officials – plus the head of Investment Fiji – to help showcase what we have to offer.”

In inviting potential investors to Fiji, the PM spoke on the positive investment initiatives introduced by his Government. “Ladies and Gentlemen, the time to invest in Fiji and expand our trade has never been better. My Government has unified our nation, given every Fijian a common identity and strengthened our institutions – including our parliamentary democracy – under a constitution that has given all Fijians unprecedented rights and is a model for other nations. In Fiji, we are building that future not only by investing in our infrastructure to unlock our economic potential but investing in our people. We’ve always had an educated, committed, English- speaking workforce but far too many of our people were being left behind and didn’t have the means to reach their full potential. They needed a leg-up. We as a nation needed a leg-up. So we embarked on an education revolution to transform the prospects of our people and transform Fiji’s prospects with a workforce that is smarter, more productive, more innovative and more focused.”

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[Source: Fijian Government]

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