The Attorney-General and Minister for Economy Hon. Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum today launched e-Transport card for the general public. The e-Transport card which will replace cash fare for public and e-ticketing for students will be made available through registration at any Vodafone or authorized agent Fiji wide.

The AG said the partnership between Vodafone, the Fiji Bus Operators Association, LTA, FRCA and the Fijian Government will provide a new level of quality public transportation.

“We want to make public transportation more attractive and this partnership will actually provide the stakeholders information on bus routes, number of people traveling to a particular route, FRCA would be able to collect right taxes and helps the Government with national planning on transportation,” AG said.

Vodafone will be conducting registration for the general public from tomorrow Fiji wide, carried out till 1st of October where customers can switch from cash to card system.

The Ministry of Education and the Department of Social Welfare will provide e-Transport cards to students, senior citizens receiving assistance from the ministry as well as persons with disability.

A set of five e-Transport cards will be made available with color coding for specific use such as for students, senior citizens, and persons with disabilities, the general public and disposable cards for tourist and island passengers who may not use buses on a regular basis.

To register, individuals need to present a valid ID such as one of the following: driving license, passport, FNPF/FRCA Joint card, voter registration card or a birth certificate.


[Source: Fijian Government]

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