About The FijiFirst Party

FijiFirst is a national movement dedicated to the service of our nation and to the advancement of the well-being of our people. We say what we will do and do what we say.

Fulfilling promises will show Fijians they CAN TRUST us so that we can also earn the people’s confidence in our competence and ability to deliver. A key strength of FijiFirst is the strong sense of unity, loyalty and discipline. This means strong individuals who may have diverse views CAN STICK TOGETHER to work as one effectively.

We will not be trapped by ideology. Instead, we are committed to maintaining a flexible approach to generating novel solutions to the problems confronting Fiji whilst remaining consistent to our values. Our approach CAN WORK. We operate with a very long-term horizon. No problem is too remote just because its effects may only be evident in the future. We CAN SEE AHEAD to guide Fijians along the best way forward. The ability to make swift and bold decisions even in the absence of complete information is a key asset. We CAN DO the necessary to make painful but correct decisions for the long term. We must be able to instinctively empathise with our people. We CAN FEEL their worries, concerns, as well as share their hopes and dreams. The ability to persevere despite the discomfort, personal risk or possibility of failure means we CAN LAST through tough times to be there for Fijians.

We strive to win the respect, trust, support and votes of Fijians.

Our duty

To build a dynamic society which is disciplined and self-reliant, and in which rewards are in accord with each Fijian’s performance and contribution to society, and which has compassion for the less fortunate.

We’ll foster, support and promote the values of healthy competition, self-sufficiency and free enterprise. Achieving the optimum in economic development, and social and cultural fulfilment and safeguard our environment to have the natural world protected for the benefit of present and future generations. To encourage the participation of Fijian workers as partners together with business and government in fostering economic growth and development of Fiji.

What We Stand For

Upholding and implementing the Fijian Constitution and to sponsor programmes for the dissemination and adoption by Fijians of the Core Values and Attributes of FijiFirst.

We’re here to serve the best interests of Fijians and to put Fiji first. To uphold the rights, freedom and dignity of human beings.Preserve, protect and defend the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Fiji. To promote and foster common and equal citizenry while safeguarding the freedom, and advance the well-being, of Fijians through representative and democratic government. We will forge a nation of Fijians: to build a fair, just, and tolerant society; and to bind them together by patriotism, honour and commitment to Fiji.

We Are For The people

We believe equality for all Fijians is necessary for great growth and development in Fiji.

To foster an environment for healthy economic growth in which workers have good prospects for employment, earning sustainable wages, and lifting living standards.

We have already laid the foundation for a more prosperous nation with programs and our manifesto. Forging a new path for our people, especially the children. Fiji’s real potential to be “the way the world should be” lies in children, our future. We have and will always continue to provide and cater to Fiji’s future. We owe it not only to ourselves as equal Fijians but to our children as well.

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